Is life on autopilot, each day quickly running into the next? Is most of what you do for everyone else, putting your health in the backseat? 

Men’s Mid-life Wellness: Regaining Control

Most “wellness” and “fit” programs are geared toward women. So I created a program designed specifically for men because I know you’re dealing with a unique set of issues.

How can I relate to men, you might ask?

I have been surrounded by males all of my life. In my professional career as a nurse, I’ve worked with thousands of male patients who confided in me about their health. As an RN and health care administrator, I worked predominately with male providers and health care administrators.

Patty’s Men’s Wellness Program helped me to change my diet, prevent afternoon energy lull, and lose weight. People tell me how much better I look without the extra weight and I feel better in general. I was also able to lose weight without losing strength when it comes to lifting. The best part is I have no desire to return to go back to my bad habits.
— Brian

Personally, I was raised in a home with three brothers (and four sisters), I am happily married to my Irish-born husband of 30 years, and we have two sons (and a daughter). And finally, as a daughter I cared for my father at the end of his life, and as a daughter-in-law I cherish the time with my amazing father-in-law in Ireland. So, I guess you could say I know a lot about the male perspective and your unique challenges.

I see the stress you’re under, I recognize how difficult it is to ask for help, I understand the sensitive topics, and I personally know the challenges associated with getting healthy. This is a judgement-free zone.

The world needs healthy men, healthy husbands and fathers!

Is it your time to soar?

If not now, when?

My top three goals were to lose weight, lower my blood pressure, and manage my sugar level. Patty helped me handle food cravings, make healthy food choices, and kept me accountable. I lost 30 lbs., have so much energy now, can stay focused for once, and use the tools Patty taught me to manage my stress better. I highly recommend Patty for anyone struggling with their health and need someone who is knowledgeable, positive and compassionate.
— Greg

My Approach

I take a functional medicine and integrative nutrition approach to health and tap into my 30 years as an R.N. (Registered Nurse) to get to the root of problems.

If you have struggled with the following issues, then this program is for you:

  • You're feeling out of control with your health and mindset and have been raising a family while taking care of your home and juggling increased responsibilities at work.

  • You're finally finding there is a bit more breathing room as your kids are starting to drive or going off to college.

  • Your relationships and your health have taken a back seat.

  • You're not in a good place - physically or emotionally, and you have no idea where your career is taking you financially in the future.

  • You know deep down that you've lost control in many personal wellness areas.

  • Your weight has spiraled out of control due to stress and inactivity. You lack energy, can't focus and have lost that strong, energetic youthful healthy vibe.

  • The feeling of mid-life has hit where you only have a certain number of years before retirement and you're feeling this urgency to set back the clock before it's too late.

  • You’re retired and finally have the time and determination to make your health a priority again.

Men's Mid-Life Wellness Program Benefits

  • You will be able to see food as medicine and consider food as an alternative to prescription drugs. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the medication you’re taking and all of the side effects they may be causing.

  • Learn how today’s food system, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is making us sick and fat.

  • Regain control of diet, exercise, priorities, happiness, and more with the Circle of Life Assessment - so you can look and feel your best for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Understand the principles of healthy eating, using real whole food.

  • Prep food quickly and easily and use healthy recipes and planning techniques to keep you on the road to success and longevity.

  • Reserve space for down time and fun time for rejuvenation.

  • Rebuild yourself to where you were before life’s responsibilities took over your time and attention to make your health a priority.

Men's Mid-Life Wellness Program Features

  • Full Health History & Medication Intake.

  • Head-to-toe Assessment and vital signs taken throughout, including blood pressure, pulse, respiration, height, weight, blood glucose monitoring, BMI and % Body Fat calibration.

  • Goal setting chart so you can make incredible strides toward living your best life.

  • Customized exercise plan that works for you and your schedule.

  • Personalized list of healthy supplements to support your body and mind.

  • Weekly meal prep ideas and suggested grocery store shopping lists.

  • Grocery store tour at your local store. Learn about buying healthy food, organic food options, reading food labels, food marketing pitfalls to avoid, on-the-run healthy food options, and more so you can make healthy decisions that support your new lifestyle.

  • Kitchen Clean Out - we’ll sort through your refrigerator and pantry and keep what is healthy and toss or donate what is not supporting your new lifestyle. Reorganize the flow of your kitchen, and pulling out those appliances to make meal prep fun and easy for you and your family.

Duration & Meetings

  • 6-month program to rebuild your health & happiness.

  • Bi-Weekly 1-Hour Support Meetings (in-person & Zoom video conference) and check-ins to keep you motivated, accountable and focused.


  • 6 payments of $200.

Why 6 Months?

Anything worthwhile takes time. This is not a “30 Days to 6-Pack Abs” program. Changing habits that have formed over a lifetime takes at least 6 months to set you up for success. By working with me as your Health Coach, you are making an investment in you. My clients report that after working with me the ripple effect spreads to their spouse, children, job, and family.

One day you will wake up feeling well-rested and healthy. Your energy is back. Your confidence is back. Your thoughts are positive. Your relationships are meaningful and valuable to you. Your future looks brighter than ever.

Do you want to lead by example and take control of your life and enjoy the added bonus of positively affecting dozens of people in your life?


  • Always consult your physician before beginning any new program.

  • This program is not intended to replace counseling or therapy sessions with an accredited professional.

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