Have you ever left your health care providers office and have little understanding of why you started a certain medication or why you’ve been referred to a specialist?

Nurse Navigator: An Advocate for Your Health

Unfortunately, the insurance and prescription industries are not looking out for us anymore. Health care providers allow for about 10-15 minute office visits. Often there is not enough time for you to describe the problem and for your doctor to offer thoughtful advice. Prescriptions are offered as an answer to almost everything.

I believe that when a person learns to advocate for themselves and take ownership of their life, they become healthier and feel in charge of their future.

Yet, so rarely do people feel confident enough to take on that role.

When your health is at stake, you want to be sure you understand all of your options and are making the right decisions for your body. As a R.N. with a Master’s of Science in Nursing and 30+ years of Cancer Care experience throughout my whole career, I will help you make sense of your diagnosis, treatment, and health option alternatives.

I want you to know that there are many medications that literally save lives. I support those prescriptions. I also want you to know that there are harmful side-effects to many frequently prescribed medications and sometimes they do more overall harm than good.

Sometimes, there are also healthy alternatives to pills. When you begin thinking about food as medicine, many doors will open up. That’s just one area where I help you navigate getting well.

Here’s How a Nurse Navigator Can Help

  • Recently diagnosed with cancer or other disease/condition and want a better understanding of your plan and/or options.

  • Living with a health situation and are looking for different options.

  • Prescription and supplement review and understanding of natural or dietary alternatives.

  • Healthy nutritional options while undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Aging Parent Assessment – are you caring for a parent and taking them from one health care provider to another? We’ll discuss their medication, side-effects, overall health and quality of living so that they can live the best life possible.

Take Charge

If you’re ready to take charge of your life and become your #1 Advocate, I’m here and support you 100%.

How I Work with Patients

I help patients on an hourly basis. My rate is $100/hr. Bundle all of your questions into each session to make the most of our time together.


  • Always consult your physician before beginning any new program.

  • This program is not intended to replace counseling or therapy sessions with an accredited professional.

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