Prior to working with Patty, I felt overwhelmed and immobilized. I had a tendency to focus on what I had not yet achieved which kept me always feeling bad about myself. In only six months, I completed a major goal in my life that required a solid foundation of healthy eating, exercise, and meditation practice. I now have a feeling of excitement and new growth. Patty is warm, caring, encouraging, laser sharp focused, organized, practical, humorous and direct.
— Catherine Masterson


Patty’s Men’s Wellness Program helped me to change my diet, prevent afternoon energy lull, and lose weight. People tell me how much better I look without the extra weight and I feel better in general. I was also able to lose weight without losing strength when it comes to lifting. The best part is I have no desire to return to go back to my bad habits.
— Brian
My top three goals were to lose 40 lbs, lower my blood pressure, and manage my sugar level. Patty helped me handle food cravings, make healthy food choices, and kept me accountable. I lost 50 lbs., have so much energy now, can stay focused for once, and use the tools Patty taught me to manage my stress better. I highly recommend Patty for anyone struggling with their health and need someone who is knowledgeable, positive and compassionate.
— Greg